WP-Property Premium Features

Do you know about the Denali Bundles?

You can get Premium Features for WP-Property at a discount by choosing one of our Denali bundles. These include different combinations of features and our real estate theme. Depending on your choice, you can get a discount and the Denali theme for free!


The slideshow feature allows you to insert a slideshow into any property page, home page, or virtually anywhere in your blog.

We made it extremely simple - the slideshow page searches through the Media Library looking for images that are big enough for the slideshow - dimensions to which you would specify in the main WP-Property control panel.

Super Map

Super Map plugin lets you put a large interactive map virtually anywhere in your WordPress setup. The map lets your visitors quickly view the location of all your properties, and filter them down by attributes.

XML Property Importer

The XMLI Importer enables you to automatically import property listings directly into your website. This includes MLS, RETS, XML, and many other source formats. Properties are created, merged, removed, or updated according to rules you specify. This powerful importation tool downloads and attaches images and can even associate properties with real estate agents, on the fly. Once an import schedule has been created, you can literally import hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of properties with a single click.

PDF Flyer

The WP-Property PDF Flyer premium feature allows the website owner to quickly generate PDF flyers, or brochures, ready for printing or download. The feature comes with a standard PDF format and a user interface allows the administrator to select which information to display, what colors to use, image sizes, and a logo. For more advances users custom PDF template layouts can be used.

Real Estate Agents

The WP-Property Real Estate Agent module allows the website administrator to create new Real Estate agent accounts and associate them with properties. Multiple agents can be assigned to any given property and the agent information can be displayed in a widget placed on a property page. Furthermore, properties can be queried by the agent(s) to create agent-specific property listings pages.

Power Tools with Capability Management

Extra functionality which includes capability management, white labeling the control panel, and changes menu titles.

Front End Property Submissions (FEPS)

Front End Property Submission (FEPS) lets you create forms and display them on the front-end of the website. The forms may be used by visitors to submit properties, which are then held for approval.

Facebook Tabs

The Feature allows you to add a tab with property listings or any other content from your website, on a Facebook Page.

Customer Confidence Guarantee

If you find that a purchased product does not meet your needs, simply let us know within 7 days of purchase. Your purchase price will be promptly reimbursed. Installation services and Premium Support funds, including those accompanying product purchases, may not be reimbursed once the services have been provided.

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